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About Us

We are a company dedicated to creating lifelike 3D content and developing software to support our creations.
Located at the heart of Banja Luka, our 3D modeling team is dedicated to transforming real life environment into 3D environment,
while our IT team is dedicated to supporting these ideas with management systems, manageable server infrastructure and game development.
As daughter company of doob group ag, our products are recognized all around the world.

Hard / Soft Surface Modeling

We make polygons with ease. Mastering polygons in quads or tris is our daily business.

Model Rigging and Retopology

We have mastered any kind of retopology. Mesh complexity represents no issue for us. Our unique rigging approach gives us speed and quality.

Software Development

When we are in need of making complex operations simple again.

Unreal Engine Development

Making Virtual Reality and Interactive Content is something our customers are very excited about.

Unity Engine Development

AR/VR and Mobile Content are a medium we use for presenting our customers their products.

Architectural Visualisation

We are creating a world of unbuilt architecture to narrate a story and captivate audience to sell the dream of a new property, a new home.

Product Design

We convert customers drawings to hero products using technological advances in most sophisticated software.

Mobile Application Development

Making things Mobile and accessible in every second is what makes us proud.

AI and Data Science Engineering

If there is a problem, there is bound to be a solution. We can solve it using AI and Deep Learning techniques.

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Here are currently available positions in our teams:

Frontend Developer

  • Experience with JavaScript / Vue.js
  • Experience with HTML5
  • Experience with CSS/SASS

Backend Developer

  • Experience with PHP / Laravel
  • Experience with MySQL / Neo4j / Redis

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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Phone: +387 51 926 736